Monday, April 24, 2006


Bobo-esque raving possibly to come, but now for a few words from my Inner Essentialist

(1) I am finding almost all of the "necessities" in life here in Tallahassee FL (and even some nice things like decent quality Southern Italian dry red wine for more reasonable prices) that I've found in NJ: but they have neither Chock Full O' Nuts NYC roast nor Powers Irish whiskey: how do they expect me to have a decent Irish Coffee here? They also don't seem to have Onyx Reserve cigars. At least they have Dominican rum (though it's hard to find, and I've only found Brugel so far, not the more expensive, but worth it, Barcelo).

(2) I think in some ways, Taylor and Harrowgate Yorkshire Gold tea is even more the essential tea than their Scottish Breakfast. Still, my Outer Nominalist (what a thing to call even an aspect of yourself -- anyway, it was a toss-up between that and "Outer Kantian", which may be even funnier if less in opposition to "Inner Essentialist") prefers Scottish Breakfast if he can find it (actually considering we're talking about things Scottish, "Outer Nominalist" might be the more funny choice after all). Now the question is: what is the essentially musky tea, e.g. used for iced tea? I'm thinking maybe something that isn't even tea per se: raspberry leaf tea ... see? essentialism can be quite misleading of a mindset! (there goes my Outer Nominalist again ...)

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