Friday, March 03, 2006


Drinking a Beer

Remember (in spite of his supposedly being on the wagon) the "voters would rather have a beer with Bush than the Dem." meme?

I think around the world part of the problem with Bush's lack of popularity (relative to say the wildly popular Clinton) is that even though Clinton was Republican-lite and backed many of the same deletarious policies as Bush (perhaps even worse -- at least Bush has put Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank (?) ... as bad as Wolfowitz was at Defense, he does have his heart in the right place regarding international banking issues ... which is more than you can say for many others in his sort of position), people would much rather have had a beer with Clinton than with Bush.

I mean wouldn't you rather have a beer with a back-slapping good-ol' boy than a spoiled, mean-spirited frat boy? Forget about what it says of our country that we would pick a President based on with whom we would rather have a beer -- what does it say about a country that we would rather have a beer with Bush than sip sherry with Kerry? Or bourbon with Gore? Or even a beer with Clinton?

When did we become the densest place in the world?

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