Monday, March 27, 2006


Do "They" Really Want to do That?

Are anti-illegal-immigration types in their right mind when they want to make being an illegal immigrant a violation of criminal law?

Unless, as Bush & CO are hell bent on doing, our bill of rights gets taken away, if being an illegal immigrant is a criminal manner, then the government has to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are an illegal immigrant before they do something to you (like deport you) -- a simple deportation hearing won't do the trick.

Do some people on the right just not "get" the concept of (criminal) law (because they come from traditions in which obedience to, e.g. God's, law is considered an exercise in futility anyway as we are all tainted by original sin or some concept variant thereof)? It's like in the case of abortion where people want to make that illegal but refuse to think about what the punishments for abortion should be. Laws are not symbols -- they are things to be followed, at least some of the time, nu?

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