Thursday, February 02, 2006


Follow the Money

As Pat Robertson, who is in a position to know about such machinations of corruption, might put it, there is a thread (see if you can catch the pun) linking Abramoff and Gitmo.

Call me paranoid, but perhaps this administration's love of lawless zones like that in Gitmo is about more than just a few sadists in high places wanting to get their jollies off of abusing POWs. Remember a place called Saipan? Being part of the US, clothes made their could be labeled "Made in America" and foreign laws did not apply there, but being not really part of the US, US law and protections did not apply either. And apparently in such lawlessness there is profit -- and of course, Jack Abramoff and his cronies were up to their necks in all of this. I guess soon we can expect clothes "Made in America" to be made by prison labor in Gitmo under US military supervision?

Now, what other country, which the Fundies claim to hate but their leaders secretly love, has prisoners making cheap goods under military supervision? Could it be China -- a country transformed not so long ago by Mao who was not so long ago a hero of many who now call themselves neo-conservatives and who are trying to transform this country? When I put on my tinfoil hat I start wondering how odd it is that as soon as the Commies lost the Cold War, they started laying plans to take over this country and the world through us (PNAC). We should not let their Republican affiliations confuse us -- the neo-cons are Commies. Interestingly, the Commies were quite reactionary at times as well.

The ironic thing, though, about the fight of the right to undermine the rule of law in this country and around the world, is that, even though they claim they need to do this to fight terrorism, terrorists thrive in places without the rule of law (e.g. Afghanistan). Are we merely becoming dragons as we fight dragons or is there something more sinister here -- that certain folk at the highest levels of government are actually trying to create situations where terrorism will thrive (look at what we've done in Iraq) so as to make sure that our new and profitable "Cold War" against terrorism will never end -- unlike in our previous Cold War where the gravy train was stopped by the Russians crying "Uncle".

Or is it just about the benjamins -- is it just about richers trying to create spheres of lawlessness in which they can build their own manorial domains? Is it just about reinstating feudalism but without reciprocal obligations?

This is a scary world we live in.
It's always about the "war that never ends", isn't it? That's the goal of Eisenhower's military-industrial complex. War is big business. It's also been carefully cultivated in the U.S. as the most noble of patriotic ambitions.
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