Wednesday, January 11, 2006


What is Terrorism?

An act of terrorism has occured. Read about it here. Do you think GW Bush will send whomever is suspected of doing this to Gitmo? Or does the term terrorists only apply brown-skinned furriners who believe in a different religion than our fearless leader?

As to the "they hate our freedoms" argument (I guess the implication is that Bush & CO keep us safe by taking away our freedoms -- so the terrorists will hate us less?) -- I would say "they envy our freedoms" might be right. We must beware the green-eyed monster. More likely, they hate us because we force the world to do one thing (e.g. fool-hardy "neo-liberal" economic "reforms") whilst being smart enough ourselves to know that you cannot have a powerful economy without cheap energy, honest business and other things guaranteed to us by that regulatory chokehold that so-called conservatives are always complaining about. We have those regulations for a reason -- a real conservative might be a bit concerned about throwing the baby out with the bathwater ... but no ... the pseudo-conservatives want to turn us into yet another banana republic.

Oh well -- I've diverged (time to go home and get some rest?) ... but thought I would point out this story. Against whom are we fighting, I must ask ...

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