Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Nominating Alito is not Conservative

So-called conservatives are starting to raise the point that Alito is really no further to the right than Roberts, but that liberals are protesting Alito because his vote would be the deciding vote on Roe v. Wade.

This is correct but anyone who makes this criticism should henceforth never be described by anyone as a "conservative". A real conservative must have loved the Roberts nomination: replacing a conservative justice with another conservative who would preserve and expand right wing principles within the Court's interpretation and final say on the law of the land. However, conservatives should be against the Alito nomination for the same reason liberals are -- because Alito, in replacing O'Connor, would represent a change in the direction of the court. And conservatives, by definition, want to slow or stop change.

Those who want to "turn the clock back" are hardly conservatives. They are reactionaries. They do not want to conserve or preserve anything. It is time people use the proper terminology to describe who BushCO and their ideological allies are. And it is time the media take the lead and use the proper terminology to describe these jokers.

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