Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Clouds of Smoke

We shouldn't think of having the appearance of fighting terrorism and actually hindering that fight as being contradictory aims or even as independent, but it is possible that the same things that give the appearance of fighting terrorism (e.g. invading Iraq, datamining international calls) actually are the things that hinder our fight (e.g. giving Al Qaeda what it wants, allowing terrorist communications to be buried in a haystack of misleading data). A puff of smoke may look as if it came from a gun aimed at terrorists and be cover for those same terrorists to escape being actually shot at.

... jus' sayin' ...

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Soft landing?
City analysts greeted the BoE's figures by suggesting that the UK housing market could be undergoing a "soft landing", following five interest rate rises since November 2003.
"The Bank of England should take heart from the mounting evidence that the housing market has achieved a soft landing," said Gavin Redknap, economist at Standard Chartered bank.


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