Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Weekly Torah Portion Blogging

I know I'm behind with this sort of thing and have probably missed a few, but I've at least figured out what to put for this past week's portion -- a discussion point:

Last week's portion presents us with the concept of God's omnipresence -- God is present everywhere and all the time .. or at least, according to some, God can and should be so present according to people's willingness to accept God's presence. But how does God's omnipresence square with the concept of hamavdil ben kodesh l'chol -- the separation of sacred from the rest -- the idea of having holy-days and holy sites, the idea of sacred spaces in a secular society in which Church and State rightfully have a wall between them?

What is the resolution of the obvious tension between these two important concepts in Judaism -- God's omnipresence and lamavdil ben kodesh l'chol?

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