Thursday, December 01, 2005



My friend Nate has a nice blog

It seems a lot of us central Jerz types have blogs.

Hey thanks for the plug!! This is a great blog.. I like the commentary about atheists, but why if there is seperation of church and state are people sworn in using a Bible at court proceedings...(or when inaugurated)???

Love the parsha of the week comments.. all the local bar mitvah boys are gonna start stealing your material for their speeches.
I have the same question/issue as you.

Relatedly ... I forget where I read it, but somewhere on the "internets" is a whole explaination of why the stereotypical oath in a court-room actually is halachically incorrect. The crux of the explaination is that you are swearing to tell the "whole truth" when the very format of a trial (quite rightly -- indeed, in Jewish law there are many cases where telling the "whole truth" is not in accordance with halacha: for example, you might hurt someone's feelings uneccessarily) prevents that: thus the oath is inherently in vain. For example, if an attorney asks you a question, you must repond only to the question and not tell the whole truth (including how the question, in your opinion, totally misses the point). If people actually were allowed to tell the whole truth in trials, they would never end ... but they swear to do so?

Part of my whole reason for starting this blog was to do parsha of the week comments -- but somehow, I seem to be missing the mark there, considering how behind I get with them.
*I* don't have a blog! Harrumph!
Yes you do.

Your blog just appears to be entirely empty. For all we know you could have an invisible, yet all powerful blog.

Craig types his blog using an invisible typewriter ribbon...
Maybe I'll just print a weekly newsletter and paste it to the windshields of everyone's cars...
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