Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'm So Shocked! Not ...

Every so often a liberal columnist says something to the effect of "it's odd but you know who really benefits from our deposal of Saddam Hussein, Axis of Evil member Iran" as if this is something unexpected.

Call me a paranoid, tin-foil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but why should it be unexpected that certain elements of the Bush administration are publically vilifying Iran while doing things that end up helping that country? Why did some people who ought to know better really think the Bush administration would invade Iran?

Remember, even as this adminstration contains former Saddam hugger, Don Rumsfeld, it also contains many people who helped arm Iran, as well as terrorists, in the 1980s in the Iran/Contra affair. This administration contains many who have worked in the past with Iran, even if some would publically vilify that state, so why should it be surprising that this administration would undertake actions that would help Iran?

BTW -- something relatively unreported is that while politics and religious warfare do not make strange enough bedfellows for Saddam Hussein to have supported Al Qaeda, they do make strange enough bedfellows for Iran to have supported Al Qaeda. Now put the pieces together folks: Saudi Arabia is a contentious monarchy with lots of would be rulers and an oppressed Shi'ite population. Both Iran and Al Qaeda have a great interest in what's going on there. I wonder what kind of intra-royal family fights and influence jockying by Iran in Saudi Arabia are fueling a lot of tsuris abroad. And does the Bush admin really know or care about the potential threats to our security should Saudi Arabia implode? Or are they too busy with their own bread and circuses?

You paranoid, tin-foil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist, you! I think you are correct that the Iran connection is grossly under-reported. I firmly believe that there are entire dimensions to the Iraq war causus belli that will not be known for many years. The more one examines the individual components, the less sense the entire case for war makes.
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