Thursday, October 06, 2005


Speaking of the Rosh Hashana Torah Readings

On Adventus, the subject of the Akedah came up. Coincidentally, this is the second day Torah reading for Rosh Hashana.

I mentioned one interpretation, that it was not only God testing Abraham, but also Abraham testing God. And I figured I might as well put up another link for people's reading pleasure ... I have not myself finished digesting it, but figure it might prove interesting to people (and hopefully is not too far off the mark):

The Real Test of the Akedah

DAS, reading that almost made my brain explode. It's very learned, and although I am no Biblical scholar, I don't think I buy that conclusion.

I am left with a sense of mystery about the whole episode. It makes for a much better story, if you believe that Abraham meant to kill Isaac, because although you know the end of the story, you still read it with a sense of suspense and awe and "fear and trembling".

I take the story of Abraham to be about obedience, being faithful to God.
Das & Jane, I'm too sleepy to let my brain explode at this hour. SO I'll try to read it tomorrow. Mostly I wanted to say congratulations on this most excellent new blog thingy. Shiny it is. I'll look forward to returning often.
I've always felt that this story is meant to stand as a warning. Abraham failed God's test, in that he was willing to perform murder. If he had passed, all well and good. If he had failed, he would stand as an object lesson. But the fact that God even asked would (and does) always stand as troubling. Perfect solutions are not always possible.
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